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“The Journey of A Thousand Miles Starts with A Single Step”

Welcome to Christine M Stoffel

An Entreprenuer at Heart mixed with a passion for making a difference in her peer's lives and across an entire industry

Christine has captured attention within a variety of industries but she is highly recognized across the sports and technology industry as being a visionary and results-driven professional with the ability to bridge relationships and strategic initiatives across IT, Marketing, Sales and Operations Management Executives.

As the Founder and CEO of SEAT – Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology,  Christine has built upon her prior experience of Vice President & CTO of two professional sports teams by continuing to champion technology, thought-leadership, collaboration and innovation across the World-wide sports and entertainment industry.

SEAT is known across the World as a “Community” of like-minded professionals across the World where we encourage collaboration, sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned and building life-long relationships. This is a platform for leaders across the globe to embrace sharing of ideas to further the World’s industry of sports and entertainment.

“My vision for SEAT is to change the way sports & entertainment leaders connect together & collaborate. I believe through relationships and openly sharing our experiences, our project failures & our project successes, we can help to move the entire industry forward. SEAT is everyone’s conference.. this is not my conference….. it is the only peer-driven conference in the entire World where we, together, as peers, define the agenda, define the sessions and together…we determine the rules of engagement.” ~ Christine Stoffel

“The companies below were each created from an inspiration that came from a friend, a peer, a colleague or a family member. Thank you to everyone at SEAT for inspiring me to make a difference.” ~ Christine Stoffel

SEAT Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology

SEAT Consortium
Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology

SEAT is the ultimate unification of like-minded professionals from across the World. SEAT was created in 2006 & is now the culmination of Christine’s industry peers gathering from across the World in an intimate setting to collaborate, share experiences, share knowledge, network & building life-long friendships of trust, admiration and respect.


SEAT Europe #SEATLondon

SEAT Europe
Dedicated to the European Sport & Entertainment Industry

SEAT Europe was created from the request of the European sports teams seeking a unique and intimate consortium platform so the sports & entertainment organizations can find the same level of collaboration as the SEAT USA has enabled. 2016 will be the 2nd SEAT Conference in London with an exciting vision for the future!

SEAT National Alliance of Collegiate Leaders

National Alliance of Collegiate Leaders

NACL was officially launched in 2016. NACL is the brain-child of the collegiate leaders whom have been deeply immersed in SEAT. Knowing that their college peers desired an opportunity to openly collaborate & network together, but to also be a part of a larger Global Community of sports & entertainment professionals enabling the collegiate industry to become influencers through technology.

SEAT Silicon Sports

SEAT Silicon Sports

Empowering startup innovation in sports & entertainment. Encouraging all innovative, early stage sport and entertainment startups that want to pitch their business to the leaders and innovators of professional and collegiate sports teams, leagues, and venues.

SEAT Global TV

SEAT Global.TV

SEAT Global TV is a weekly web series with host Christine Stoffel. Global.TV is a 30 minute show airs live @ 12:30 pm EST every Thursday. SEAT Global.TV is open conversations with SEAT Community members, peers across the industry and technology partners chatting and collaborating on a variety of topics, debates as well as members from past fan favorite SEAT panel sessions from prior SEAT conferences!

CBR Sports Group Executive Advisors

Executive Sport Advisors & Consultants

CBR Sports Group is a group of prior industry leaders whom desire to help companies understand the industry so they may be empowered with the right information to be successful as they launch their products & services into the sports & entertainment industry.

SEAT Global Magazine

SEAT Global Magazine

The SEAT Community of sport & entertainment leaders have loads of information to share, best practices, strategies, tips & tricks to help you short-cut projects, executive leadership coaching tips and more. SEAT Global Magazine is a digital monthly magazine sourced with content directly from the SEAT Community. Be engaged, join the discussions and subscribe today to the best source of industry news!

iLead International Leaders

International Leaders in Sports & Entertainment

i-LEAD was launched in October 2015 from Christine’s deep passion to provide a platform for her industry peers across sports & entertainment to receive executive coaching & professional development through workshops of mindful leadership adoption. Christine is continuing to develop strategic relationships to bring an in-depth program of exceptional caliber for her industry peers.

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