Meet Christine Stoffel

Christine Stoffel is the CEO & Founder of SEAT, LLC. As the Founder and CEO of SEAT – Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology, Christine has built upon her 30 year technology career and prior sports executive experiences by continuing to champion technology, thought-leadership, collaboration and innovation across the World-wide sports and entertainment industry.

SEAT is known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals building life-long relationships through collaboration, sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned and the true essence of thought-leadership. SEAT is a platform for leaders across the globe to embrace sharing of ideas to further the World’s industry of sports and entertainment.

Christine has captured attention within a variety of industries but she is highly recognized across the sports and technology industry as being a visionary and results-driven professional with the ability to bridge relationships and strategic initiatives across Technology, Marketing, Digital, Social, Ticketing & Sponsorship Sales and Operations Executives.

Christine is also the CEO & Founder of four additional companies focused on making a difference across technology within the sports and entertainment industry, as well as those whom dedicate their careers to this Global industry.

SEAT NACL, LLC – National Association of Collegiate Leaders – NACL is the brain-child of the collegiate leaders whom have been deeply immersed in SEAT. Knowing their college peers desired an opportunity to openly collaborate & network together, but to also be a part of a larger Global Community of sports & entertainment professionals enabling the collegiate industry to become influencers through technology aka SEAT NACL;
CBR Sports Group, LLC –A group of sports executives and advisors to businesses across the Globe; iLEAD-SE, LLC – International Leaders in Sports & Entertainment –executive coaching and leadership workshops dedicated to evolving sports and entertainment professionals forward in their leadership careers; and Silicon Sports Accelerator, LLC – Championing startup tech companies to gain visibility and momentum to build business in the sports & entertainment industry.

Christine Stoffel was honored on April 4th in San Francisco to be the recipient of the coveted Connected World Magazine’s 2016 WoM2M Award for being a technology leader in the IoT Industry.

Christine has three children, Collin ( 25) serving in the US Navy in Tokyo, Michael (22) and Haylee (19). She owns two Honda CBR motorcycles and rides every free minute she can capture as well as enjoys training her two dogs, Ranger (German Shepherd) and Sadie (Bernese Mountain Dog).

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