Thoughtfully Leading an Industry

Christine Stoffel is recognized as the 1st Female Technology Executive Hired in an NHL club and the 1st Female Technology Executive Hired in an MLB Club.
Mindful, visionary, transformational and innovative C-level Executive with an impressive track record to influence, lead, communicate, demonstrate passion, commitment and compassion to deliver results and growth of multimillion to billion-dollar sports, entertainment, sales, operations, digital marketing, ticketing, F&B, venue, operations, pharmacy and technology environments.

Leverages global perspective, operations, and IT expertise to maximize productivity by streamlining operations, leveraging innovative and emerging technologies and tools that influence decision-making and drive process and efficiency; Impressive track record to bridge relationships and strategic technology initiatives across enterprises and organizations.

Christine has captured attention within a variety of industries but she is highly recognized across the sports and technology industry as being a visionary and results-driven professional with the ability to bridge relationships and strategic initiatives across Technology, Marketing, Digital, Social, Ticketing & Sponsorship Sales and Operations Executives.

Christine Stoffel is the CEO & Founder of SEAT, LLC. As the Founder and CEO of SEAT – Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology, Christine has built upon her 30+ year technology career and prior sports executive experiences by continuing to champion technology, thought-leadership, collaboration and innovation across the Global sports and entertainment industry.

SEAT is known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals building life-long relationships through collaboration, sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned and the true essence of thought-leadership. SEAT is a platform for leaders across the globe to embrace sharing of ideas to further the World’s industry of sports and entertainment.

Awards and Recognitions

Connected World Magazine’s 2016 and 2017 WoM2M Award for being a technology leader in the IoT Industry
2017 Smart Women in Meetings Award for being an innovator in sports industry meetings & conferences
Christine Stoffel is highlighted in 15 Books by various Writers and Authors around the world for her work in the global sports industry
Christine Stoffel is continually recognized in over 20 blogs and magazines across the Globe as an industry leader continuing to champion collaboration and open communication among global sports and entertainment leaders
SEAT is recognized in the sports & entertainment industry as the only 100% Woman-owned and operated industry technology conference
Christine Stoffel is regularly requested as a guest speaker at global conferences, events, as well as event session moderators and panel sessions

Diverse Expertise & Leadership

Leading Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship
In addition to being a Founding Partner of The Executive Advocates, Christine is also the CEO & Founder of 4 (four) influential companies.
Strategic Planning
Turned around under-performing IT organizations by collaborating across the organization to implement new culture, strategic business model, business processes and developing strategic plans to improve fan experience, corporate revenue opportunities and align technology teams with business operations goals and mission statements.
Tactical Leadership
Multi-million Dollar Capital Project Management, delivering simultaneous, large-scale, mission-critical IT projects in excess of $193.5M, providing infrastructure improvements and strengthening operational capabilities.
Transformational Change
Through cross functional partnership of business and technology departments with a focus through process engineering and automation, initiated and executed long-term IT strategy model, IT governance process, multiyear project and financial plans with project portfolio and scorecards for Arizona professional hockey club, Arizona professional baseball team, Arizona utility company and a national multibillion dollar pharmacy benefits management company.
Mindful Leadership & Coaching
In the last 5 years, by applying mindful leadership strategies and compassion I have coached and assisted over 300 sports and entertainment industry leaders to excel, move forward in their careers and provided mentorship to encourage and strengthen their public speaking and leadership capabilities. The results are shown through compassionate leadership strategies, I have proudly helped global leaders to improve their lives and relationships both personally and professionally.
Technology Leadership
Revamped entire IT infrastructure and governance processes to support organizational growth and improve financial and operational reporting and efficiencies Provided structure and systematic process, implemented technology standards and policies using ITIL processes. Created and implemented business intelligent warehouse systems, CRM and BI solutions to provide reporting capabilities and strategic advantages in forecasting and operational efficiencies.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Pre-planning and post-merger activities, including the structuring of the IT departments, consolidation opportunities of IT asset and human capital as well as identifying synergistic savings; benchmarking of infrastructure performance before and after a merger, along with enterprise-class processes and procedures to maintain services at optimum levels for a combined entity; identify ways to reduce costs by providing a full evaluation of both entities and creating more efficient and sustainable infrastructure, with possible migration to newer technologies in the process.
  • Strategic Partnerships & Alliances 100% 100%
  • Mindful Leadership & Mentoring 100% 100%
  • Negotiating & Closing Deals 100% 100%
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting 100% 100%
  • Emerging Technologies 100% 100%
  • Align Technology with Business Goals 100% 100%
  • Transformational Change 100% 100%
  • Collaboration & Engagement 100% 100%

Christine Stoffel, The Entrepreneur

“The companies below were each created from an inspiration that came from a friend, a peer, a colleague or a family member. Thank you to my community of friends for inspiring me to make a difference.”
~ Christine Stoffel

The Whisperer Holdings, LLC

Holding company for specific businesses under Christine Stoffel.

Christine Stoffel, LLC

Conference Consultant, Keynote and Guest Speaker, Executive Recruitment & Placement, Relationship Broker, Angel Investor, Executive coaching and leadership workshops dedicated to evolving sports and entertainment professionals forward in their leadership careers.

Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology

SEAT is the ultimate unification of like-minded professionals from across the World.

SEAT was created in 2006 & is now the culmination of industry leaders gathering to collaborate, share experiences, knowledge, network & building life-long friendships.

SEAT Global Magazine, LLC

SGM is the culmination of thoughts, ideas, project sharing, personal insights and interviews, case studies  from global sports execs across the Global SEAT Community.

NextGen Executives

  • Executive career agency & job placement
  • Career agency memberships
  • Leadership & professional development workshops
  • BizWomen (blends non-sports and sports) workshops & events for women.

NextGen Districts

  • Sports & entertainment venue design, consulting & project management.
  • Entertainment district & Smart City design, consulting & project management.
  • Esports consulting; Esports arena design & construction project management.
  • Retail & commercial real estate design,consulting & project management.
  • Technology Planning, design, program management and integration coordination.

NextGen Innovations

  • Championing innovation thought-leadership across the world. 
  • Championing startup tech companies to gain visibility and momentum in the sports & entertainment industry.
  • Host innovation & master-class workshops.
  • Angel investing & venture capital opportunites.

Designs by Christine, LLC

Interior design and decorating from a different point of view.

Christine has a life-long passion for interior design with a focus to create a home that truly reflects your personality.